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Base of rest

Rest in Russia, rest on the lake

Rest in Russia on the base of rest on the lakeBase of rest, recreation base «Spaster» on the lake Spaster - good rest and inexpensive: active rest in Russia, a family holiday, rest with the children.

Each of us would agree that wants to rest well. Of course, everyone imagines how to rest well in a different way. We can say, rest  in Russia already formed certain standards. Relaxation in the sauna, a steam room, barbecue on the nature, fishing, vacation with children, family rest on the nature near the lake, cheerful corporate - are the main components of a qualitatively carried out weekends and holidays. Ideally you want an inexpensive place to relax, to get high quality service and a maximum of pleasure. As a rule, it is difficult to implement at the same time.

Rest in Russia on the base of rest on the lakeNevertheless, there is a tendency maximal approximation to an ideal, since Russia is experiencing the development of recreation in the area. After sitting on the Internet, you can find a place of recreation in the area, recreation centers, tourist centers and sanatoriums in many picturesque regions of Russia. That same offer their visitors the modern base of rest? It is the organization of summer recreation for children, adults, companies and collectives, hunting and fishing, horse riding, Quad Biking and гидроциклах, paragliding, water-skiing, holiday parties - shortage of proposals no.

What's missing in this diversity? Firstly service. Often we prefer the Turkish coast native lakes only because the service abroad better than in our country. Secondly - the ability to combine and properly present various kinds of rest.

Rest in Russia on the base of rest on the lakeBut life does not stand in place, and we, the staff of base, providing a rest on the lake Spaster, are pleased to offer our guests as the best family vacation and service of high quality for reasonable money - beach, children's slides; and it is quite extreme rest - for example, hot air ballooning, parachuting and water skiing, memories of which will stay with you for a long time.

That can unite such different kinds of rest? The answer is simple - a wonderful lake Spaster, the beauty of the surrounding nature, the widest range of our recreational facilities and staff. Thanks to the flexible system of reservation of rooms and cottages, we have the ability to conduct a variety of activities for different categories of tourists. For example, if in a hunting Lodge there is some cool corporate, then residing in the main building of base of rest on the lake Spaster will be provided with a quiet family vacation.

Vacationer’s reviews on our base of rest on the lake confirm that we are on the right path. We constantly expand the opportunities of active leisure, create routes, Hiking, Cycling, and rest on the water. Familiarize yourself with the list of the services we offer, watch the news and we are waiting for you to visit us!

Come to us to rest on the lake and You will not regret!

Rest in Russia on the base of rest on the lake

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